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... is published by Petrospot Limited, a dynamic publishing and events company focused on providing information resources for the transportation, energy and maritime industries.

Bunkerspot is a key source of quality information for all professionals working in the international bunker industry. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, accurate – and always independent – view of the multi-faceted global marine fuels industry.

Bunkerspot magazine

The bi-monthly Bunkerspot magazine, launched in February 2004, focuses on the technical, operational, commercial, environmental and legal aspects of bunkering, and also keeps its readers up to speed on innovations and trends in vessel and fuel efficiency technologies. This high profile and well respected publications are written by experienced bunker journalists and a team of top industry experts.

Bunkerspot website

The Bunkerspot website includes a subscription-based real-time news and pricing service, as well as information channels, industry announcements and updates on conferences, exhibitions and other key events. An annual subscription entitles you to see all the subscribers' newsboard stories and access thousands of articles on the Search Archive.

Bunkerspot Subscription Package

A Bunkerspot magazine subscription includes UNLIMITED access to www.bunkerspot.com.

The charge for an annual standard subscription is just £275
Annual Premier subscription is ONLY £1,500.00 (for up to five users per office) and includes Bunkerspot Price Index.


Bunkerspot Industry Roundtables 

Bunkerspot regularly partners with key industry stakeholders to host roundtable discussions where shipping, marine fuels and legal experts offer insights on the main issues and developments impacting the bunker sector.



Petrospot is a well-established publishing and events company in the marine fuels and marine surveying sectors.


Petrospot organises highly successful training courses and seminars, including world renowned Oxford Bunker Course, the Oxford Bunker Course (Advanced), An Introduction to Shipping, and An Introduction to LNG Bunkering. Click here for more information on Petrospot’s training course programme.


Petrospot works very closely with government and industry in many countries and organises some of the biggest, most popular and prestigious shipping and bunkering events in the world.In the marine fuels sector, Petrospot organises events as diverse as:

Maritime Week Americas (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Panama, Cartagena) | Maritime Week Africa (Cape Town, Durban, Accra) | Middle East Bunkering Convention (Dubai) | Maritime Week Gibraltar (Gibraltar) | Maritime Week Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) | ARACON (Rotterdam) | Maritime Symposium: Chile (Santiago and Valparaiso) | Marine Energy Transition Forum (Antwerp).

In the shipping sector, via Shipping Innovation its joint venture partnership with Elaborate Communications, Petrospot organises:

London International Shipping Week | European Shipping Week | Portugal Shipping Week | International Shipowning & Shipmanagement Summit | International Maritime Forum | International Martime Cluster Round Table


Click here for more information on Petrospot’s events programme


Petrospot publishes some of the world’s most authoritative books on bunker fuels, LNG bunkering, marine lubes, shipping, shipping law, risk management and marine surveying. www.petrospot.com/books


Port Reports

Petrospot + 20|20 Marine Energy – market intelligence on global bunker ports.

Each report focuses on the commercial, logistical and environmental issues driving the changes and developments in each local market. This includes an expert summary of commercial operations at each location, information on current and historic bunker demand, an overview of fuel suppliers and market share, storage facilities and fuel delivery options and providers. www.petrospot.com/port-reports



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