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  • Advertising via the Bunkerspot website gives your company all-important, high visibility across the marine fuels community.
  • Your advert can be linked to your company website or directed to a specific corporate website or marketing product campaign.
  • You can monitor visitor footfall to your advertisement through click rate statistics.
  • Advertising via the Bunkerspot website gives you wide market exposure across highly flexible calendar slots at very competitive rates.

 Website banners are prime advertising positions so early booking is advised.



 Banner Type  Dimensions £
Tower (per month) 230 x 380  1,000
2nd Tier Tower (per month) 230 x 380 750
Footer (per month) 1200 x 70  1,500
Mini Tower (per month) 230 x 250 550
Small (per year)  230 x 125 2,000

Dimensions are given in pixels – width x height.

Above prices to not apply to BPi.




Bunkerspot Price Index

BPI strap 300The Bunkerspot Price Index (BPi) provides daily bunker prices and historical price information across the key fuel grades at 350+ ports around the world.

Updated daily, spot prices are supplied by local and global physical suppliers, traders and brokers.

In order to track the correlation between spot prices and oil futures, BPI also includes information on futures contracts: Brent crude oil traded on the International Commodity Exchange (ICE) along with West Texas Intermediate (WTI) light crude oil and NY Harbor ULSD traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), as well as UK NBP Natural Gas.

BPi also offers an additional future price indication for 30+ ports, which demonstrates a useful correlation between spot prices and oil futures.

This innovative bunker price offering provides a premium advertising platform for delivering information on your company’s products or services.MacBook BPi

 Banner type     Dimensions    £
BPi regional banner   334 x 215 1,000
BPi footer 1200 x 70 1,500

 Dimensions are given in pixels - width x height





eshot new imageOur 19,200-strong maritime community receives a news e-shot five times a week. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to get your brand and advertising message in front of this community at exactly the right time.

  • eNews adverts include non-animated PNG or JPEG
  • Click-through to your website.


 Banner Type Dimensions £
eNews banner     600 x 100   1,000 


 All above dimensions are given in pixels (px) - width x height




DIGITAL Artwork requirements:


  • JPEG or PNG files
  • Banners should be non-animated


  • Resolution set at 90 dpi or higher
  • No larger than 150 kb

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Read our Advertising Terms & Conditions.

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