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Cancellations accepted with written or e-mail notice if received 28 days prior to the issue closing. Cancellations received less than 28 days prior to publication will be billed at the full rate. With the exception of Guaranteed Positions, contracts may be terminated by either party on 28 days’ notice before closing date.


Files for advert creation will not be accepted after the advert due date. Changes to supplied artwork will be subject to a £50 production fee. No design changes will be accepted after the advert due date. Advert placement is at the sole discretion of the publisher, unless a Guaranteed Position rate has been agreed.

In the event that no acceptable copy is furnished, the Publisher reserves the right to repeat the most recent company advertisement for the scheduled space.

All advertisements are accepted and published as represented by the advertiser, who is authorised to grant the right to publish the entire contents including artwork and photographs. The advertiser indemnifies the publisher against any claims relating to unauthorised use of content. The publisher accepts no responsibility for typographical errors. All materials supplied must meet the requirements for printing as described in our artwork specifications. The publisher reserves the right to reject advertisement materials at any time, at its absolute discretion.

Payment terms

For print advertising, payment terms are 28 days from the date of invoice. Where series advertisements have been booked, advertisements will not be run unless all prior invoices in the series have been paid in full.

For online advertising, payment is on receipt of invoice. Online advertisements will not be displayed on the website before receipt of full payment.



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