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Monjasa has announced that the 119,456 DWT tanker SKS Dokka has ‘become the new focal point’ for its maritime operations in West Africa.

In a statement sent to Bunkerspot, Monjasa said that the SKS Dokka replaced its sister vessel, SKS Darent, last Wednesday (16 December). The 2010-built tanker – which is now positioned off Lomé, Togo and already in full operation – has double valve segregations and is equipped with deepwell pumps for each individual tank.

Monjasa also used its announcement about the SKS Dokka to share data about the shifting West African market, which it says ‘reveals the significant shift in product demand across the region following one year of IMO 2020 regulations in place’.

Monjasa, which currently operates a fleet of approximately 10 tankers in West Africa and has local offices in Angola and Namibia, supplied 1.4 million tonnes of marine fuels across West Africa in 2019. As one might expect, there was a significant shift towards fuels with a sulphur content below 0.50%.

‘While high sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) accounted for 74% of Monjasa’s supplied products in 2019, this number has come down to 19% in 2020,’ the company noted. ‘At the same time, the volume share of very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) soared from 5% to 59%.

‘Looking at distillate fuel products, marine gas oil (MGO) supply experienced a slight increase from 21% to 22% of Monjasa’s total supply volume in West Africa.’






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