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A tanker has discharged 24,000 tonnes of diesel at the Port of Ceuta’s Poniente dock, the port authority has announced.

The operation occurred last week and is expected to support the Mediterranean port’s aspiration to be ‘one of the main reference destinations for bunkering operations in the Strait of Gibraltar’.

The Ciego di Gaeta arrived in the city on 24 March. The diesel discharged is being stored in the Ducar I tanks. Vilma Oil was tasked with carrying out the operation.

The Port of Ceuta Authority said the diesel is intended for bunkering ships in the port of Ceuta, both (berthing) and on vessels at anchor (in the bay), and that it will be supplied by barges.

‘The product is previously stored in the tanks of the aforementioned oil company until the request for supply from the different shipowners who come to the port,’ the port authority said.

The port authority also highlighted the port’s new docking infrastructure, ‘which have facilitated the reception of this long-draft and long-draft ship’. The operation was carried out in the new berth of the Poniente dock.

Another large fuel discharge is planned in mid-April and will involve around 40,000 tonnes of fuel, the port authority said.

‘The Ceuta Port Authority continues to develop commercial policies focused on increasing this traffic, with particular force in recent months to deal with the pandemic,’ the port authority said. ‘In this sense, the appropriate steps have been taken to achieve this objective, through the increase in the supply capacity and the specialisation of port services, which entails a gradual increase in traffic and, therefore, an improvement in the future port results.’

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