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BIMCO has advised its members that, from 1 September, ships calling at ports in Sierra Leone could face penalties of up to $15,000 if they carry fuel which exceeds the IMO 2020 0.50% sulphur cap.

In a notice posted on its website yesterday (12 August), BIMCO said that the Sierra Leone Ports Authority, in consultation with the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, consented to implement the IMO 2020 statutory instrument in July – but a ‘grace period’ was agreed for ships calling at the Port of Freetown in Sierra Leone up to 31 August.

‘From 1 September 2021,’ said BIMCO, ‘ship owners and operators risk penalties of up to $15,000 should they continue to carry fuel with a sulphur content exceeding 0.50%.’

The BIMCO report pointed out that the IMO 2020 service charge could be implemented even if the ship has an exhaust gas cleaning system.

The IMO implementation tariff is as follows:

Up to 300 metric tonnes (mt) of bunkers on board: $15 a tonne

Between 301 mt and 500 mt: $14 a tonne

Between 501 mt and 750 mt: $13 a tonne

Between 751 mt and 1000 mt: $12 a tonne

1,001 tonnes or above: $11 a tonne

Click here to view the official notice issued by the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (posted on the BIMCO website).

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