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Certification company Centre Testing International Group (CTI) has fully integrated the Singapore-based marine fuel testing and surveying agency Maritec into its marine division, and the first of a series of new testing facilities will be launched in Shanghai.

The acquisition of Maritec, announced last June, forms part of CTI’s strategy to expand its marine division to meet the bunkering, emissions and environmental challenges faced by shipowners

Sangem Hsu, President, Maritec, commented: ‘I am pleased to report that we have successfully integrated CTI’s marine division with that of the well-known fuel testing company Maritec. This acquisition enhances our capabilities and is demonstrative of our commitment to finding new solutions for our customers as they look to comply with existing and emerging environmental rules and regulations.

‘Maritec is now the only dedicated one-stop-shop capable of meeting all of the maritime industry’s fluid and materials testing, analysis and certification requirements.’

The company’s range of services now includes marine fuel and lubricant testing and analysis; ballast, potable, ballast, black, grey, oily and scrubber water testing and analysis; hazardous materials, IHM maintenance, recycling supervision and HazMat testing; and asbestos survey’s removal and certification.

Maritec has invested $1 million into new equipment and it is currently developing new testing, quality control and analytical procedures for alternative fuels, including LNG, methanol, ammonia and other biofuels, and their emissions.

‘This important acquisition has allowed us to develop tests programmes for alternative fuels, including bio-fuels, electro [synthetic] fuels and blue [gas] fuels. As the industry decarbonises and moves from fossil fuel, we anticipate verification and certification of ship energy systems and GHG emissions will become a regulatory requirement,’ said Sangem Hsu.

‘From the investments we have made in advanced data analytics and R&D, we can now undertake all types of fuel tests and analyses, from basic compliance testing and reporting to more bespoke analysis of test samples to prevent operational incidents.’

Maritec is also set to open new testing facilities and laboratories in strategic maritime hubs around the world, the first of which will be in Shanghai, China, in March

The Shanghai facility adds to Maritec’s presence in Singapore, Rotterdam, Athens and the UK.

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