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Bunker sales at the Port of Singapore last month dipped below the 4 million metric tonne (mt) mark for the first time in 15 months.

The 3,935,300 mt of marine fuel sales registered in September was the lowest monthly total since the 3,829,000 mt recorded in June 2020.

Sales of low sulphur marine fuel oil 380 cSt (1,986,800 mt) were marginally down on August – but nearly 300,000 mt down on the 2,285,800 mt recorded in September 2020.

Sales of marine fuel oil 380 cSt (908,900 mt), low sulphur fuel oil 100 cSt (434,700 mt) and low sulphur fuel oil 180 cSt (159,100 mt) all saw monthly decreases.

For the first time since March, sales of low sulphur marine gasoil (331,700 mt) exceeded the 300,000 mt-mark.

The 87,300 mt of marine fuel oil 500 cSt sales represented the highest figure since the 100,100 mt recorded in May 2020.

A total of 37,334,700 mt of marine fuel was sold at the Port of Singapore during the first nine months of the year – 206,100 mt more than the 37,128,600 mt of sales during the same period in 2020.

There were 3,098 calls for bunkers in Singapore last month – the lowest monthly total of the year; while the 6,918 vessels that called at the global bunker hub represented the lowest total since the 6,701 recorded in June 2020.

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