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A containership has docked at the Port of Brisbane, completing a 42-day trial voyage between South East Asia and Australia, powered by biodiesel.

The trial was conducted on international shipping and logistics operator ANL’s AAX1 service, operating between South East Asia and Australia, calling into eight separate ports, using a 328 metre-long vessel.

For the trial, the containership was powered by 500 metric tonnes of biofuel. The fuel was made up of bp Marine’s very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) blended with a biodiesel produced by Brisbane-based company EcoTech Biodiesel from recycled cooking oils, fats and grease.

Preliminary data shows the voyage could reduce emissions by approximately 17% as well as reducing nitrous oxides and sulphur oxides. A full analysis of the trial’s success will be completed mid-year.

According to the Queensland Government, as well as leading to a ‘cleaner future for our oceans’, the trial has the potential to deliver an ‘economic boon’ for the Australian state.

‘As global demand for cleaner fuels grows, Queensland is seizing the opportunity to secure more jobs in emerging industries and partnering with key sectors like maritime to improve fuel security and help the nation achieve energy independence,’ the Queensland Government said.

Additionally, the decarbonisation of shipping supply chains, said Queensland Government, ‘has the potential to put Queensland on the map as a leading biofuel refuelling station in the western Pacific.’

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