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Høglund is planning to expand its range of marine power solutions for the battery and hybrid sectors by partnering with the electrical contractor Acel and E. F. Invest.

As part of the expansion, Acel and E. F. Invest will come onboard as co-owners of the new company Høglund Power Solutions AS, which Høglund describes as a ‘one-stop shop for energy-efficient and future-orientated electrical power solutions’.

Høglund added: ‘Together with Høglund Marine Automation and Høglund Gas Solutions, the new company will give owners, operators and crew access to a full spectrum of automation, gas, and hybrid power services they need to ensure reliability and high performance in a transforming market.’

Bengt-Olav Berntsen, who will head the new company as CEO, commented: ‘Following the IMO’s mandate last year for shipping to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2050, we need to develop hybrid and battery solutions for all sectors, and quickly. Whether it’s newbuild or retrofit, we need to look carefully at how we can integrate battery and hybrid systems.’

‘Generic solutions will not give owners the reliability, flexibility and confidence they need if battery and hybrid power is to become mainstream. It’s vital that systems integration partners are engaged from the first stage of any project to make sure that all elements in a hybrid vessel can work together, talk to each other, and that data from these systems can be easily accessed and transformed into value.’

Director of the board, Kjell-Christian Krohn Dale, commented: ’As shipping approaches a period of unprecedented change, customers are now seeking to reduce the risk of projects that include a range of new, high-tech systems. The combined expertise of Acel and Høglund will do exactly that, while also reducing the time of execution of such projects. At the same time, we are aware of the challenges for the crew when new systems are introduced, and for this reason, we will put safe and user-friendly functionalities at the heart of everything we do.

‘One way of improving crew ability will be through new simulators, which provide a safe testing ground for new systems and technologies. Together with NTNU Alesund, we have developed the “Hybrid Power Lab” as a full-scale battery solution. Our mission is now to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and also reduce operational costs for the ship owners and operators.’


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