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The city council of Rotterdam has today (29 November) adopted the ‘revised Port Vision’ which the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Supervisory Board approved earlier this year in order to reflect the march of digitalisation and the ‘energy transition’.

The revised Port Vision replaces Rotterdam's Port Vision 2030, which dates back to 2011.

Allard Castelein, Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO, commented: ‘An intensive process has resulted in a fantastic and widely supported vision that focuses on further increasing the Port of Rotterdam’s leading position with respect to the energy transition and logistics.’

According to a statement published on the port authority’s website explaining the reason for the revision: ‘The world around us is changing and that also influences the Rotterdam port and industrial complex. These changes include the energy transition, the raw material transition and digitisation. That was the reason for revising Port Vision 2030. This revised version describes the future perspective for the port and industrial complex based on current insights, and in doing so makes the 2011 vision future proof.’

The statement added: ‘The revised Port Vision was developed in partnership between the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Municipality of Rotterdam, national government, Deltalinqs and the Province of South Holland. The partners will monitor progress via annual progress reports.’

The energy transition underway in the Amsterday - Rotterdam - Antwerp (ARA) region - and across the global bunker market - will be discussed in detail at Petrospot's upcoming Marine Energy Transition Form which will take place next year on 17 March in Antwerp. 




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