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On 8 March, the cement carrier MV Greenland was bunkered with LNG at the port’s Malkos Bay Terminal  from a shore-side LNG reloading station operated by KN (Klaipėdos Nafta, AB).

Cryo Shipping delivered an LNG-filled ISO container to the port via truck and then undertook the refuelling of the MV Greenland.

Following the delivery of 45 cubic metres of LNG, the ISO container was then refilled at the land-based LNG reloading station operated by KN. The MV Greenland is scheduled to be bunkered again at Klaipėda later this month.

According to Darius Šilenskis, CEO of KN, the delivery process was complicated by the lack of current legislation regarding the regulation of LNG bunkering in Lithuania.

‘The initial document regulating LNG bunkering in the port will be the Port Shipping Regulations, which are being revised by the entire community interested in the LNG bunkering,’ he said.

‘Until these are in place Cryo Shipping AS had to go a long way in obtaining permission for the first LNG bunkering operation in the port of Klaipėda and to negotiate a series of documents, defining a safe operation, and securing the permission of the Harbor Master’s Office in this particular case at Klaipėda Port.

Nicholai H. Olsen, Director of Cryo Shipping AS, said his company is looking to support and promote  Klaipeda in becoming a key LNG bunker port in the Baltic. He also noted that Cryo Shipping is looking to charter an LNG bunker vessel for its operations, which could potentially include deliveries at Klaipėda.
A number of LNG-fuelled vessels visited Klaipėda in 2019, including Unifeeder’s Wes Amelie and Containerships’ Nord, Aurora and Polar. However, these vessels only visited the port for transhipment operations rather than to take on LNG fuel.

LNG-powered vessels coming to Klaipėda port can be bunkered at various port loading terminals from an LNG tank truck, from a terminal via a KN-operated LNG reloading station, and through ship to ship transfer. Although Klaipėda does not currently have a dedicated LNG bunkering vessel, the wider Baltic and North Sea region is served by a number of LNG bunker barges.

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