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PRIO, Portugal’s largest producer of biofuels, has entered the maritime market with the development of Eco Bunkers, which contains 15% biodiesel.

The fuel, which is produced from waste feedstock at PRIO’s plant in Aveiro, is said to achieve a reduction of up to 18% in CO2 emissions and also a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5%
The sustainable base product used in the fuel is the result of over 10 years R&D work which, according to PRIO, has already led to savings of over 2.1 million tonnes of CO2.

Luís Nunes, director of PRIO Supply, commented on the company’s move into marine fuel production: ‘PRIO is today taking another step in its mission as an energy company for the mobility of the future. As in the automotive sector, from now on ships will also be able to fill up with quality fuel, which will make it possible to drastically reduce CO2 emissions as well as consumption.

By continuing to invest in biofuels, bringing them into maritime transport, we show not only our commitment to innovation, but also to sustainability. Being the first to do so on the Iberian Peninsula is a sign of leadership and pride.’

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