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Nordsol has announced that construction has begun on its new bio-LNG production facility in Amsterdam Westpoort.

In a statement issued earlier this week, Nordsol – which is working with Renewi and Shell – said the plant will be the first to produce bio-LNG in the Netherlands.

The three companies will each play their part in the new waste-to-energy chain. Renewi will collect organic waste throughout the Netherlands, such as expired products from supermarkets, and convert it into biogas. The Nordsol installation will then process this biogas into bio-LNG. Finally, Shell will sell the bio-LNG to end-users – which currently means cars and trucks at its LNG filling stations.

Nordsol said that the CO2 by-product from the production process will be ‘reused in the market and therefore ensures an additional CO2 emission reduction’, which ‘leads to a 100% CO2 neutral fuel’.

Nordsol added: ‘The installation will be operational within a year, as the standardised modules are produced elsewhere and connected on the Renewi site. The installation will soon produce 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year.’





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