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TFG Marine, the global marine fuel supply and procurement company created by Trafigura and shipping firms Frontline and Golden Ocean, will start bunkering operations this month for vessels at the Falmouth Anchorage, off the South West Coast of the UK.

Trafigura has contracted with Falmouth Petroleum Limited, an affiliate of World Fuel Services, for marine fuel capacity at its Falmouth terminal, which is strategically located at the entrance to Northern Europe’s Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA).

The agreement will allow TFG Marine to access volumes from the terminal of 0.50% very low-sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO), 0.10% low-sulphur gasoil (LSGO), as well as high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) for ships with on-board scrubbers.

TFG Marine will provide bunker operations from this month with two SIRE inspected barges - and plans to add further barges to this operation over time.

‘This is an important development for TFG Marine's growing off-shore marine fuels operation in waters between France and the United Kingdom that provide both fuel oil and gasoil to a wide range of vessels moving along the English Channel,’ said Kenneth Dam, TFG Marine’s Global Head of Bunkering.

In recent months, TFG Marine has scaled up its global presence, which already includes bunkering operations in Asia, the Americas, West and South Africa and Europe – and is planning to launch further marine fuelling services for the US Gulf Coast, the Mediterranean, South Africa, the Middle East, China and South Korea this year.

As previously reported, last month, TFG Marine announced it was to commence bunkering operations in the ARA region and that it is also planning to introduce mass flow meters (MFMs) on certain chartered barges in 2021. The company also plans to supply advanced biofuels in the ARA from Q1 2021.

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