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DISA Group subsidiaries PRIO and Petrogas have partnered to carry out a green marine biofuel bunkering operation.

The operation involved shipping distribution company Petrogas’s Dácil vessel being fuelled with PRIO’s green marine biofuel, Eco Bunkers, by truck.

As previously reported, Eco Bunkers, which was developed by developed by PRIO at its Aveiro Biofuel Plant, was launched in November 2020. According to the biofuels producer, the fuel is the first green marine fuel in the Iberian Peninsula.

Eco Bunkers has a 15% biodiesel incorporation and is developed from residual raw material recycling processes that PRIO claims allows a reduction of up to 18% in CO2 emissions, and a reduction in consumption of around 5%.

Commenting on the bunkering of the Dácil, PRIO said: ‘This step reflects not only the commitment of the DISA Group and its subsidiaries to decarbonisation, particularly of maritime transport, but also the coordination and cooperation within the group that allows these synergies to be generated.’

The company added: ‘Disa Group's commitment to energy transition is something very concrete as can be seen by the bet on the decarbonisation of maritime transport and as a Group, we want to work in a united and coordinated way to achieve this goal.’

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