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The resolution, adopted by the European Parliament on 27 April, sets out key technical and operational measures to achieve zero emission waterborne transport by 2050.

The resolution (2019/2193(INI), inter alia, calls on the European Commission, shipowners and ship operators to ‘ensure the implementation of all available operational and technical measures to achieve energy efficiency’.

These measures include speed optimisation, including slow steaming where appropriate, and the introduction of new propulsion methods, such as wind-assist technologies, as well as vessel optimisation and better optimisation within the maritime logistics chain

The resolution also highlights that the shipowner is not always the same as the person or entity commercially operating the ship. As such, in applying the polluter pays principle, the resolution states that the party responsible for the commercial operation of the vessel and buying the fuel should be held liable, which can include the shipowner, the manager, the time charterer or the bareboat charterer.

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