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Sweden’s Fossil Free Marine has announced its partnership with OKQ8 for the launch of its mobile bunker station which will supply pleasure boats and commercial craft with drop-in renewable bunker fuel from a site at Lidingö, near Stockholm, from the end of July.

As previously reported, in January Fossil Free Marine awarded Swede Ship Composite a contract to produce the first full-scale commercial unit of its unmanned floating marine fuel station.

The first units are partly funded by grants from the Swedish environmental initiative KlimatKlivet. The funding is designed to go toward incremental costs associated with supplying renewable fuels.

In May, after a decade in development, Fossil Fuel Marine announced that the first unit of it bunker fuel station was ‘in the finishing stage’ of production.

The design of the unit, which will be operated by the Swedish fuel company OKQ8, has been assured by DNV.

Boaters will have access to drop-in renewable fuels that can be run in any diesel or gas engine, says Fossil Free Marine. It notes a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90% through the use of HVO100.

Karl-Oskar Tjernström, co-founder and CEO of Fossil Free Marine, commented: ‘This is obviously a massive milestone for Fossil Free Marine, as we can now show both the fuel industry as well as the marine industry what we have been working on for many years. But for us, it’s a steppingstone, as we plan to change the way fuels are distributed in the marine sector, and take part in making boating sustainable, on a global scale. 

‘We’re happy to have found a partner like OKQ8, that shares our vision of what needs to be done to make pleasure boating sustainable. Our technology is truly groundbreaking, enabling distribution of renewable fuels in large volumes, even in the most sensitive marine environments like fresh water reservoirs.’


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