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Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) has announced it is offsetting all its CO2 emissions in order to have ‘net zero CO2 emissions’ as from this year – and it is aiming to achieve ‘zero carbon emissions’ from its shipping operations by 2050.

In a statement issued today (27 January), CMB said: ‘To achieve this long-term CO2 reduction, the company has already supported certified climate projects in developing countries and acquired high quality Voluntary Carbon Units (VCU’s) in Zambia (agro-forestry, SALM, REDD+), Guatemala (REDD+) and India (wind and solar parks).’

CMB added that ‘many low carbon and zero carbon technologies are already in the early stages of development’ and the company is ‘convinced that the shipping industry will find solutions to today’s problems to provide zero carbon shipping by 2050’.

CMB flagged up the energy transition projects in which it is ‘already investing heavily’ – such as the hydrogen-powered HydroTug – and added that it will ‘bring specific zero-carbon projects to life in the coming months and years’.

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