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Chevron Marine has extended its Marine Cloud Solutions with a suite of new digital offerings.

Chevron Marine Cloud Solutions – including the customer order management platform OnePort launched last year – aims to give ship owners and operators tools with which to ‘analyse, manage and ultimately help to improve their operational performance’.

In a statement sent to Bunkerspot today (25 March), Chevron said the digital solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with customers’ processes, so ‘users can easily adopt the tools and begin to reap the benefits of online vessel management’.

The e-commerce platform OnePort speeds up the process of lubricant procurement by eliminating unnecessary procedures and consolidating common supply-chain transactions such as product availability inquiries, order confirmations and delivery receipts (MLDR’s).

According to Chevron: ‘The extended digital platform integrates data with human intelligence to enable customers to take decisions to help optimise vessel performance. Detailed asset data, including recommendations from marine technical specialists based on the analysis of used oil samples – wherever owners have taken advantage of Chevron Marine’s FAST and DOT.FAST analysis services – create a full picture of the operating profile of any number of vessels in a fleet.’

Steve Gormer, Chevron Marine Digital Enablement Manager, commented: ‘The launch of OnePort marks a milestone in our digitization journey and is just one of the ways we are leveraging technology to provide solutions-based support for our customers. By integrating data sources, from order management to technical reports, we are providing intuitive tools that offer a total view of fleet operations that, ultimately, can help keep our customers’ costs to a minimum.’



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