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Digital freight forwarder Flexport has unveiled a new carbon calculator API which it says will help businesses ‘easily assess up to 100% of their carbon footprint for shipments’.

The new tool, which is available for free through the Flexport digital platform, is accredited by Smart Freight Centre and in conformance with the Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC) Framework.

According to Flexport: ‘Traditionally, one of the challenges with emissions calculations has been that companies, providers, and partners calculate greenhouse gas emissions in different ways. However, the Carbon Calculator API’s GLEC certification assures users that their emissions are calculated from a global standard – which aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, UN-led Green Freight Action Plan, and CDP reporting. This lets users make real comparisons to learn their total carbon footprint.’

Flexport said that the Carbon Calculator API is available to all companies ‘whether or not they use Flexport for shipping’. But for customers, Flexport can offer the extra service of working with them to mitigate their environmental impact through a new partnership with GoodShipping.

According to Flexport: As the first sustainable shipping initiative in the world, GoodShipping makes ocean transport less polluting – by facilitating a one-to-one fuel switch from heavy marine bunker fuel to sustainable biofuels. As a result, businesses can achieve 100% CO2e well-to-exhaust reduction.’

Flexport added that – for emissions that can’t be reduced – it offers a carbon offset programme with Carbonfund.org Foundation.




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