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Powerzeek has rolled out a new transport solution which allows fuel transport providers to offer their services on the platform and also enables fuel wholesalers – who may not have a ‘last-mile’ distribution system in place – to offer ship owners a turnkey fuel solution.

As previously reported, in 2020 Powerzeek launched its clean energy platform and marketplace, which facilitates the negotiation and agreement on the purchase of fuel. Powerzeek CEO, Dag Lilletvedt, explained the rationale behind the launch of the new transport module: ‘We are very pleased with all the positive market response and the number of users that have registered on our energy platform. A missing link has however been the transport part of the marine fuel value-chain. We are therefore very pleased to be launching the transport module today, and look forward showing this to our existing community members and to new users.’

Registration on the Powerzeek platform is free and after a new fuel transportation company has signed up and completed the required KYC (know-your-customer) process, it will receive relevant transport enquiries and can provide quotes on these.

Marine fuel suppliers and wholesalers can also send out enquiries to registered transport providers and also add such transport solutions to their own fuel quotes to buyers.

A primary focus of Powerzeek is the LNG market. Lilletvedt has worked in this market for more than 20 years, both as an LNG broker and as an LNG system provider, and is well aware of where the ‘pain points’ of this market are.

‘Our ambition is to increase the availability of LNG and other cleaner fuels to the maritime and transport sectors. By being able to offer also a transport module on the Powerzeek platform, we strongly believe we will contribute to increasing the availability of LNG,’ he says.

We also believe it will improve the price transparency of cleaner fuel, since it enables wholesalers to take part in the small-scale LNG trading, something many ship owners have requested for years.’

Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, over the course of 2020 Powerzeek has opened branch offices in Singapore, Greece, Hungary, India and the United States.

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