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The global shipping company has announced it is setting up a new dedicated team to accelerate the decarbonisation of its own operations as well as the supply chain of its customers.

The new team, which will be headed by current Head of Strategy Morten Bo Christiansen, will consist of around 50 people.

As Bunkerspot previously reported, in December 2018, Maersk set an ambitious target to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

‘In many ways, we are already frontrunners in the industry,’ said Christiansen, in reference to Maersk’s net zero goal. ‘But we really want to reinforce that position and that’s an important objective for this team.

‘We see a lot of momentum building on the decarbonisation agenda in both general and also in logistics from our customers. We are seeing that this is becoming a real pain point for them. Some of our customers are really feeling the pressure from their customers to decarbonise their supply chains, and we really…need to be able to provide them [with] solutions.’

Christiansen also highlighted an increased focus in decarbonisation from both financial lenders and investors.

‘Personally, I think if you are a lagger in this space, in the coming years, it will be increasingly difficult to finance your company [and] it will be increasingly difficult to have investors being interested in your company.’

Christiansen said the Maersk was committed to decarbonising the supply chains of its customers - but noted that in the short and medium-term the biggest impact the company could have could have was on its own marine operations.

‘We will focus on finding new fuels – carbon-neutral fuels – that we can use in our vessels,’ he said, adding that ‘transition technologies’ were not feasible from both a timescale and economic perspective.

‘We will leapfrog directly to properly carbon-neutral fuels, and I think that is really an area where we, as a company, can have huge impact, [in the] short and medium-term.’

Christiansen said the company had learned ‘quite a lot’ since launching its decarbonisation vision in 2018.

‘Back then it was a bit of a moon shot we came out with to be honest. It was a very bold statement, and the intention was to create a lot of focus and attention and work - and it certainly did.

‘I think what we have learned is that it is no longer a moon shot actually, this is definitely doable. It is by no means going to be easy, but it is really mission possible.’

He added: ‘This has gone from being a very important sustainability priority to a real source of competitive advantage for the company, and I just find that a hugely exciting agenda to dive into.’

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