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Classification society DNV has granted an Approval In Principle (AIP) to PASSER Marine for the development of a new LNG fuel tank insulation system which can detect and contain leaks.

The new concept is designed for prismatic ‘type B’ LNG tanks, which according to International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules require a partial secondary barrier.

In a statement issued today (4 May), DNV said that as LNG-fuelled vessels are increasingly being deployed for deep-sea shipping, ‘fuel tank sizes need to increase from 300-1000 cubic metres (cbm) fuel capacity to up to 10,000-20,000 cbm, which leaves less room for cargo’.

This places a premium on space, said DNV, which has brought increased industry interest in the type B tanks, which are prismatic in shape and more volume efficient than traditional cylindrical type C tanks.

‘Between 95% and 99% of LNG-fuelled ships contain type C fuel tanks, but many newbuilds on order contain type B specifications,’ said DNV.

Svein Konradsen, COO of PASSER Marine AS described the new system as ‘cost-effective and production-friendly’.

Monika Johannessen, DNV Maritime Head of Department, Gas Carrier Excellence Centre, added: ‘There are several insulation concepts under development that provide an integrated secondary barrier and leakage detection system, but there are few proven systems available on the market.

‘We are pleased that PASSER Marine has chosen DNV to pursue verification for this innovative concept and look forward to receiving the documentation for full approval.’

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