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Trafigura and hydrogen specialist Hy2Gen have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop a study that quantifies the infrastructure and production demands for green ammonia as marine fuel.

The study will consider the necessary aspects to enable large-scale commercial adoption, including the required quantities of green ammonia, and the transport and storage capacities that will be needed.

Building the infrastructure to enable an efficient supply chain that can deliver sufficient quantities of the 100% renewable and carbon free green ammonia to market will demand ‘enormous commitments in production, infrastructure and shipping upgrades’ – all of which the study aims to quantify.

As previously reported, commodities giant Trafigura became a shareholder and joined the board of German Hy2gen in December 2019.

‘As one of the largest physical commodity traders and vessel charterers in the world, Trafigura is uniquely placed to push this transition forward,’ said Cyril Dufau-Sansot, CEO Hy2gen AG.

Julien Rolland, Head of Power and Renewables for Trafigura, added: ‘Hy2gen is a first mover and pioneer in green ammonia production and concept development. We very much recognise their capacity to quickly execute projects of scale that can fast track the transition for the shipping industry to run on clean fuels.’

In addition to the study with Hy2Gen, Trafigura is also involved several other ammonia-as-marine fuel studies. In June, the group signed an MoU with ammonia specialist Yara to work together on the development of ammonia as a bunker fuel as well as the creation of a green and blue ammonia fuel infrastructure.

In the same month, Trafigura entered into a MoU with 22 companies across a range of industries to initiate a joint study on ammonia as an alternative marine fuel.

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