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Kanfer Shipping has confirmed that it is ‘currently in concrete discussions’ with ‘solid counterparts’ over chartering its two new LNG bunker tankers being built at the Taizhou Shipyard in China.

As previously reported, Kanfer signed an agreement with Taizhou Shipyard for the two new 6,000 cubic metre (cbm) LNG bunker tankers at the end of May, and it also holds an option for two additional ships.

However, the recent hike in natural gas prices has led some to question whether LNG can be price-competitive with traditional marine fuels – and this may have been behind Kanfer's decision to issue a statement on LinkedIn yesterday (18 October) affirming its confidence in the prospects for its new LNG bunker tankers.

After noting that ‘the market for LNG bunkering is growing fast’, Kanfer asserted: ‘There are currently 175 dual fuelled ships in operation, and it is expected that 250 dualled fuelled ships will be in the orderbook by end of the year. It is also anticipated that the number of dual fuelled ships will continue to grow which emphasize that LNG is THE transition fuel.

‘However, the soaring LNG prices are making some players concerned which hamper the development of LNG, but more importantly the environment. Historically current LNG prices in comparison to other fossil fuels are abnormally high. Hence some LNG bunkering and distribution projects are unfortunately being delayed.

‘We are however not concerned about finding a home for these ships and we also believe that the LNG prices will eventually fall.’

Kanfer added that it is ‘also moving forward with the ammonia ready LNG bunkering ships’.

GLOBAL: Kanfer Shipping orders 6,000 cbm-capacity LNG bunker vessels

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