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Rolls-Royce and China’s Zhenjiang Shipyard have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote tugs and workboats powered by high-speed mtu engines.

In a statement issued today (25 November), Rolls-Royce said they will focus on both the domestic Chinese and export markets and provide customers with ‘optimised marine solutions’.

Rolls-Royce said that high-speed engines bring several advantages for the tug market. Firstly, vessels can be built in a more compact way and are thus more manoeuvrable, making them especially suitable for narrow and sheltered waters such as natural deep-water harbours. In addition, high-speed engines also help operators save fuel and thus reduce operating costs while at the same time minimising CO2 emissions.

Yan Guo, President of Zhenjiang Shipyard, said: ‘Zhenjiang Shipyard is a leading manufacturer of special vessels, especially of full-rotary tugboats, marine workboats and public vessels and has strong R&D capabilities. With the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, we will promote the application of mtu high-speed engines in full-rotary tugboats and marine workboats. We hope to achieve encouraging results with the joint efforts of both sides.’

Earlier this month, Zhenjiang Shipyard also signed an agreement Danfoss, which will see Danfoss China provide electric propulsion products for the shipyard’s hybrid tugboats.

ASIA PACIFIC: Danfoss and Zhenjiang Shipyard teaming up on hybrid tugboats

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