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Trafigura has partnered with Palantir Technologies to create a supply chain emissions platform for the energy sector.

Agora for Energy was unveiled today (7 September) during APPEC 2023 in Singapore.

Built on top of Palantir’s Foundry operating system and using data provided by S&P Global Commodity Insights, Agora for Energy will aim to enable collaboration on carbon emissions information and carbon intensity benchmarking and analysis.

In addition to Trafigura itself, the first users of the system will include bp and Ecopetrol.

In a notice sent to Bunkerspot today, Trafigura said: ‘Drawing on S&P Global Commodity Insights’ carbon intensity measures of oil and gas, refined products and biofuels, combined with functionality supporting the option for users to input primary data, Agora for Energy will help users understand the variations in carbon intensity of existing supply chains from the point of production and enable a common approach to assets owned and operated by different companies.’

Trafigura added that an advisory committee for the Agora for Energy platform is now being formed and its initial focus will be on exploring avenues for industry standardisation of carbon intensity reporting and developing recognised methodologies of reporting.

Ben Luckock, Co-Head of Oil Trading for Trafigura, commented: ‘Agora is already enabling Trafigura to quickly respond to our metals customers requesting carbon intensity of deliveries using third party data, and we are delighted to now extend this initiative with our supply chain partners in the energy markets. We believe that carbon intensity as a commodity specification can enable greater visibility of low carbon alternatives, with the power of Palantir’s Foundry enabling the broad industry collaboration and analytics engine that this challenge requires.’

Juan Carlos Fonnegra, Global Head of Crude & Carbon Trading at Ecopetrol, said: ‘As first users of Agora, we are pioneering innovative solutions to collaboratively decarbonise energy operations and fostering unprecedented transparency. We believe that by openly sharing carbon intensity of our upstream activities and empowering consumers along the value chain to make informed choices, it will drive a more sustainable energy future.’

Click here for more information on the Agora platform.


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