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Standard Club is advising its members with ships fitted with scrubbers not to discharge their wash-water when in Turkish waters.

In a notice posted on its website today (26 March), Standard Club said information received by the club’s local correspondent has indicated that: ‘Even though there is no formal limitation or ban on the discharge of scrubber wash-water, there are concerns that the environmental authorities in Turkey may fine the ship if the samples  collected from the overboard discharge line is suspected to be a pollutant.’

The potential problem arises, added Standard Club, because ‘the authorities widely interpret the term of pollutant’.

Taking the line that it is better to err on the side of caution, Standard Club concluded: ‘It is therefore recommended that all overboard discharge valves are shut and secured/sealed in closed position whilst the ships are in Turkish waters either at anchor or adrift, waiting for passage through the Straits.’

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