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Monjasa is set to use its newly-acquired oil and chemical tanker Monjasa Server for cargo and bunkering operations in the Arabian Gulf this month.

In a statement issued today (23 Novembcer), Monjasa said that it acquired the 9,600 DWT tanker, formerly known as the GS Adventure, from Golden-Agri Stena.

The Monjasa Server will complement the company’s existing Middle East fleet, which includes four tankers ranging between 4,000 DWT and 10,000 DWT .

The new tanker is equipped with deepwell pumps and five tank segregations, allowing multiple fuel grades onboard.

Monjasa said the ship’s capacity is a good match for requirements of transporting oil cargoes from the Fujairah bunkering hub to the main markets across Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah ports, as well as performing ship-to-ship refuelling operations.

In 2019, Monjasa supplied 600,000 tonnes of marine fuels across the Middle East, which represented about 13% of the company’s total global volume of 4.5 million metric tonnes.

Monjasa’s Group CEO Anders Østergaard commented: ‘During the past years, we have actively pursued additional ownership of the supply chain through an increasing percentage of owned tonnage across our fleet. We have seen how the IMO 2020 sulphur cap sparked further market interest in how the new fuel products are being sourced, shipped and supplied. This most recent acquisition fits well with our ambitions and matches market demand in terms of cargo capacity and high technical specifications.’

Monjasa added that it currently controls some 20 tankers globally of which 11 are fully owned.



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